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Cannabis concentrates are exactly what their name implies—cannabis products that have been “concentrated.” At BMWO, we carry one of the broadest selections of cannabis concentrates available, ranging from weed oil to shatter.

These items are an extremely strong and concentrated type of marijuana that have been derived from cannabis plant material. To be more precise, only terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD are left after the cannabis plant is extracted.

All concentrate products are particularly potent in at least one of them, and as a result, consumers choose them for the intense punch they deliver.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking to explore the world of the strongest marijuana doses you’ve ever tried! At BMWO, we carry everything from dabs, oils, and shatter to live resin and hash!


You can enjoy a variety of concentrations, just as there are numerous varieties of marijuana flower. The most typical types include:

Shatter: One of the finest forms of cannabis concentrate now available, shatter is so named because of its clear, glass-like consistency and propensity to break into tiny fragments when broken. The best shatter will have a consistency similar to hard candy and will be smooth, amber, or clear in hue. Additionally, depending on the strain, it may be sticky.

Wax: Wax is, as the name implies, marijuana wax that has been condensed. Their texture might vary from being highly sticky to being similar to candle wax to crumbled wax. Wax is often a yellowish substance that can be smoked with a wax rig or vaporizer setup.

Rosin is manufactured by simply applying pressure and heat to plant material in order to extract the plant resin, without getting into the technicalities. This preserves many of the terpenes and natural scents found in the plant.

Oil: An very popular kind of concentration, oils are thick and liquid in texture. There are numerous types of oils available, including THC, CBD, and plain cannabis oil. These are most frequently utilized in vape pens and edibles.

Hash is the earliest type of concentrate and has existed for eons. Hash is a compressed type of cannabis flower or cannabis resin that has historically been produced using a variety of techniques by various cultures. It is far more potent than flower.


Many cannabis users with more pressing demands prefer to purchase cannabis concentrates because they are almost always stronger and more potent than cannabis flowers. Because all of the cannabinoids like THC and CBD are taken from the cannabis flower and put into the concentrate after it is utilized to make shatter or oil. Order Concentrates By Mail from the top online vape shop, West Coast Cannabis.

All concentrates are therefore extremely strong and contain high levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes. They frequently have a greater impact and provide their users with the purest high.

It is for this reason that Buy My Weed Online carries more than 65 unique brands and flavors of premium hash, shatters, oils, and live resins. Before being made available for purchase, every one of our items was expertly prepared and quality-tested. Several of our top-selling items include:

Rockstar Top Shelf Shatter
THC distillates made from God’s Green Crack Kief Buddha Hash (Flavored)
Pink cookies, Mataro Blue Budder, Chocolate Kush Hash, and Live Resin

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