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One of the more recent additions to the concentration canon, live resin, is gradually overtaking other options as consumers’ favorite. This product fixes an issue that affects cannabis concentrates and flower equally. The gradual loss of terpenes that occurs after the plant is cut, dried, and cured is where to get rosin. While there are many other cannabis products available that have amazing smells and scents, it is difficult to compare any of them to live resin because it is made to contain as many terpenes as possible.

Producers must quickly freeze the cannabis plants after harvest in order to generate living resin. In the course of the extraction procedure, the flower is never dried, cured, or trimmed. All of this is done to protect the terpenes, which gradually disappear during the conventional method of preparing cannabis for consumption or ingestion. One of the most fragrant and aromatic marijuana experiences you’re likely to ever have is the end result.

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Rosin is produce on a billboard scale cheaply and safely. It comes as no surprise to several that concentrate cannabis products, like shatter, wax, pre-fill vape pens and relate extracts are in incredible demand across the country. For instance , Colorado saw a surge of over 125 percent grow in concentrate sales which is probably going to be replicated in other maturing markets.
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